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AIO imagines and creates the factory of the future, where man is at the center of attention. We aim to create the future of work, where labor is easier, where we grow older better, and where our health is completely preserved to be in great shape when retirement comes.

AIO designs and builds smart solutions that make work less difficult, that improve working conditions by supporting operators’ gestures and movement. Our true job resides in creating decent work for all factories, through our green and frugal “before & after” bots, called Karakuri Kaizen®. AIO acts counter-intuitively to normal robotics, that are usually expensive and energy-hungry, all the while elevating workers.

AIO received distinction for our ‘Tech for a Better World’ innovation, a cutting-edge scale for healthier workplaces, through the use of artificial intelligence. Featuring connected beacons, Numii® observes efforts and gestures without wearables. Decrypting this data will allow us to truly understand working strategies, to precisely pinpoint causes of MSD (musculoskeletal disorders), and to better design the industrial tools of tomorrow, especially in human/robot interactions.

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