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Dioxycle develops technologies to profitably decrease industrial CO2 emissions. Our proposed solution is based on the catalytic conversion of CO2 to valuable chemical feedstocks such as carbon monoxide, methane or hydrocarbons that may be sold or reused on site. At scale, this will lead to a reduced carbon tax, decreased financial risk and improved public image of our industrial clients. Our envisioned business cases include biogas, steel, fermentation, cement or chemical plants. Our proprietary technology stems from 5 years of academic research by the two co-founders, Dr. Sarah Lamaison and Dr. David Wakerley, which took place across the University of Cambridge, the Collège de France and Stanford University. Our breakthrough catalytic technology leads to drastically reduced electrolysis CAPEX and OPEX making CO2 electrolysis economically viable. Our ethos is to do good for the planet by doing good for industries.

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